Vortex Shawl

Totally bummed out after an awesome weekend….thought it was about time i tried something new. I know nothing about blogs…here goes nowt!

Just started knitting this circular shawl. It’s my second attempt as the first was wasn’t on the right needles and i wasn’t happy with the results. Real tricky to start of circular knits, but they’re great for my bus journeys šŸ™‚

I’ll post a pic when i figure out how to šŸ˜€

…October 2012…ok, so I’ve figured out how to add images. It’s not the best picture but u get a rough idea what it’s gonna look like


I’ve been using some Lidl sock yarn I bought years ago and never git round to using. It’s surprisingly nice to work with. Can’t wait to finish it now! However it’s taking ages and I have little spare time *sad face* I’ve been told Lidl yarns can felt a little in the wash…anyone else got similar thing to say?

Right….time for signing off…..