Right…so…it’s been a good few months since I started this and never really got the hang of it.

It’s now October and two things have come together to make me get back to it….I have a swanky sooper smart phone that allows me to blog straight from my tephelone AND I have shocking toothache and am in serious need of something to take my mind if it. This seems to be working. Yay!

So as I type I’m curled up in bed with my dog Alfie (who makes an awesome nurse lol) keeping me warm is a massive crochet blanket that I’ve been working on for a good few years now.


So that’s a bit of the blanket there. i finished it last month and now the weathers turned colder it’s never off my bed! It’s 4 big granny squares joined together. It was originally 2 big squares, but realised that they wouldn’t fit a double bed so undid it all and started again. So pleased with it, it’s the biggest thing I’ve made. Really pleased with colours and it’s soooo warm too!


I do love making blankets it’s what I tend to end up doing without realising lol. I currently have 3 finished decent sized ones, a 3rd in the finishing stages and a 4th one in progress for a friends christmas present. I shall post about that when it’s finished.

Anyways…time to go for now. I hope somebody somewhere finds this interesting. Feel free to comment, always good to get feedback….signing off….