So…where do like to do it? In bed? On the back of the bus? In the bath or with a few select friends?

Myself, I do it everywhere I can. I am thoroughly addicted. Need a regular fix. There’s nothing worse than no seats on the train home from work! Oooh the horror! *swoons* 😀

Unlike most people I know, I have lots of different projects on the go at once. I get frustrated at the speed I knit n crochet at that I find myself needing new things to ease the tension lol well that’s my excuse anyway 😀

As I post this I have about 8 things on the go. Most of them are simple basic shawls, blankets and easy things that don’t need much thought. Probably not the best way to go about things and can hear tuts of disgust as I type, but we all have our own ways of working eh?

Was just a quick thought that popped into my mind…guess I’d better do a lil bit more knitting before bedtime…yarn over and out…..