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Another non-yarn post, but I wanted to share one of my favourite winter activities. Right, well, ok it’s not quite the season yet. But the way time flies it won’t be long! October is the start of my Christmas prep. I love Christmas. It *can* be a great time if you avoid the rhubarb. I personally find all the commercial and falseness most horrid. However I do love those simple pleasures you can have in those cold dark winter months. There’s nothing I like more than coming in from the cold to a warm house and various other lovely things like family, friends and a wagging happy dog 🙂


One other thing that makes winter good is a good old fashioned Christmas cake. It’s around this time of year I get started with a traditional fruit cake. This year was a monster feat as I’ve had to increase the volume of cake produced. Making an 8″ round cake just isn’t enough to satisfy friends and family and me.


I use a Mary Berry traditional celebration cake recipe. Very easy method, tho maybe hard work due to soaking of the fruits and the long cooking times. But definitely worth it! This year as well as the usual 8″ of round rich boozey fruityness I decided to do a square one of 10″. For the 2 cakes I used around 3kg of assorted organic dried fruits! Currants, sultanas and raisins with apple, apricot, cranberries, dried and glace cherries and almonds.


After soaking these in brandy, calvados, plum brandy and rum I add them to a generous mixture of treacle, muscovado sugar, spices, citrus peel and zest and flour. A total of 9 hours baking later and I have 2 seriously weighty yummy fruit cakes. Now all that’s left to do is feed them weekly with brandy to keep them moist. It’s a long expensive process. One could buy a supermarket one for pennies these days, but where’s the fun in that? Roll on a bit of snow and the chance to curl up in front of a log burner with iced and decorated Christmas cake with my Alfie.

Yarn over and out…..



So it’s been a manic busy week. Work us chaos. Always is this time of year. Halloween through to Christmas is our busiest time. Always leaves me a bit zombified when I get home from work.


Tonite is one of those nights. So I have filled my evening with earl grey tea with lemon, pyjamas, lush face mask and topping up my hair colour with some henna. I know feel raring to go…time to get those pins clicking, I have a jumper to finish!

Toodle pip for now! Yarn over and out…..

Sooooo after the other days post about multiple projects on the go at once…I found myself having a little bit of a browse through Ravelry – just to pass a little time and before I knew it I’d whipped out a pair of 3.25mm circular needles and some gorgeous multicolored fingering weight yarn! Been looking for a triangular scarf with a nice *fishnet* style edging and finally found the perfect pattern! Check out the pattern for Sewanee.


This seems to grow quite quickly…so might get it done pretty quick. I’m gonna be at the gothic weekend in Whitby in a few weeks time, would be useful to have warm neck attire for then!

Better get me lil pinkies n pins clickin eh? Catch ya later! Yarn over and out…..


So…where do like to do it? In bed? On the back of the bus? In the bath or with a few select friends?

Myself, I do it everywhere I can. I am thoroughly addicted. Need a regular fix. There’s nothing worse than no seats on the train home from work! Oooh the horror! *swoons* 😀

Unlike most people I know, I have lots of different projects on the go at once. I get frustrated at the speed I knit n crochet at that I find myself needing new things to ease the tension lol well that’s my excuse anyway 😀

As I post this I have about 8 things on the go. Most of them are simple basic shawls, blankets and easy things that don’t need much thought. Probably not the best way to go about things and can hear tuts of disgust as I type, but we all have our own ways of working eh?

Was just a quick thought that popped into my mind…guess I’d better do a lil bit more knitting before bedtime…yarn over and out…..

So this is my current home project. Again I’ve been working on this for a few years. Everytime I’ve got new wool I’ve done 4 squares with that new wool as the outer. I’ve now got over a hundred and have edged them all in King Coke Wicked yarn.


I’ve found it’s easier to crochet it together into big squares then it’s just a matter of finally crocheting the big squares together.


Well…catch you later…yarn over and out 😛

Right…so…it’s been a good few months since I started this and never really got the hang of it.

It’s now October and two things have come together to make me get back to it….I have a swanky sooper smart phone that allows me to blog straight from my tephelone AND I have shocking toothache and am in serious need of something to take my mind if it. This seems to be working. Yay!

So as I type I’m curled up in bed with my dog Alfie (who makes an awesome nurse lol) keeping me warm is a massive crochet blanket that I’ve been working on for a good few years now.


So that’s a bit of the blanket there. i finished it last month and now the weathers turned colder it’s never off my bed! It’s 4 big granny squares joined together. It was originally 2 big squares, but realised that they wouldn’t fit a double bed so undid it all and started again. So pleased with it, it’s the biggest thing I’ve made. Really pleased with colours and it’s soooo warm too!


I do love making blankets it’s what I tend to end up doing without realising lol. I currently have 3 finished decent sized ones, a 3rd in the finishing stages and a 4th one in progress for a friends christmas present. I shall post about that when it’s finished.

Anyways…time to go for now. I hope somebody somewhere finds this interesting. Feel free to comment, always good to get feedback….signing off….

Vortex Shawl

Totally bummed out after an awesome weekend….thought it was about time i tried something new. I know nothing about blogs…here goes nowt!

Just started knitting this circular shawl. It’s my second attempt as the first was wasn’t on the right needles and i wasn’t happy with the results. Real tricky to start of circular knits, but they’re great for my bus journeys 🙂

I’ll post a pic when i figure out how to 😀

…October 2012…ok, so I’ve figured out how to add images. It’s not the best picture but u get a rough idea what it’s gonna look like


I’ve been using some Lidl sock yarn I bought years ago and never git round to using. It’s surprisingly nice to work with. Can’t wait to finish it now! However it’s taking ages and I have little spare time *sad face* I’ve been told Lidl yarns can felt a little in the wash…anyone else got similar thing to say?

Right….time for signing off…..